Super Learning

Look at some of the examples of the wonderful work Year 2 have been busy doing at home this week.  

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A Rather Strange Half Term

Today is our last day of this very strange half term, a very big well done to everyone who has been busy working at home.  Make sure you take some time to enjoy yourselves and do lots of fun things over the next two weeks and most importantly take care and stay safe.

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Have a safe half term everyone

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Answers for the emoji saying challenge

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What does it all mean?

Choose to focus on about ten of the phrases and explain what each phrase means in your own words and consider if it is still in everyday use or has become archaic. Where might you have heard these phrases being used? Enjoy.

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Common sayings and phrases

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Half term fun

The half term holiday is about to begin.  If you are stuck for ideas, the Wildlife Trust is about to launch it's 30 Day's Wild campaign.  If you click on this: it will take you straight to their website.

Alternatively, you can try these:

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We are big fans of Michael Rosen in Year Three.  Which is your favourite poem and why?

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How are you going to be kind today?

As you know this week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme this year is kindness.  One way that my son and I are going to show kindness today is by making a bird feeder to add to our growing collection in the garden!  We have been feeding our feathered friends for a number of years so we have many visitors to our garden.

This is a nice idea:

You just need to spread the outside of an empty toilet roll with nut butter and roll it in birdseed.

Or you could: