As well as providing our children with a firm grounding in the Anglican faith, we ensure we deliver a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum which challenges every child and focuses on the school's key values of:

Love, Hope, Faith, Trust, Respect, Resilience and Justice

In this section of our website, you will find information relating to the curriculum being taught in each Year Group and for specific subject areas.  You will find some of the documents useful when you are helping your child in their learning at home.  So please visit the class pages and see the information below for some very useful resources.

Curriculum Statement of Intent

At St Stephen's CE Primary School our curriculum is designed to:

  • Equip all children, irrespective of disadvantage or SEND, with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and aspirations to enable them to contribute to, and succeed in, future society

  • Reflect the home context of many of our children by providing a broad range of memorable learning experiences, within a vocabulary rich environment, to engender positive attitudes to lifelong learning.

  • Ensure all pupils 'learn to read and read to learn' at an age appropriate level and fluency in order to access the full curriculum offer

  • Progressively build upon key skills and knowledge in a planned and coherent way, delivering high quality and timely interventions as appropriate, throughout the key stage