School Meals

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We have an excellent uptake of school meals at St Stephen's.  Our Kitchen Manager, Mrs Foulkes and her assistant Mrs Harrison work hard to ensure the children are served with wholesome, healthy food.  If we are having a special theme day or week in school, Mrs Foulkes will work with us to plan a school meal that links in to our theme - during our International Week the children enjoyed food from a different country each day throughout the week.


At Christmas time the whole school - children, staff and governors - sit down in the Hall for Christmas Dinner together:




Tables set for whole school Christmas Dinner and enjoying the festivities together.




We take part in the 'Health Schools' initiative. If you choose to provide your child with a snack for morning break, please ensure it is a piece of fruit or vegetable only. For those children on packed lunches, please provide some healthy choices but no sweets. As an Eco School, we are also aiming to cut down on plastic waste and packaging.