When children enter Reception Class, they are placed in one of four Houses:




Coniston Water is five miles long. Above its western shore, the mountain of the Old Man of Coniston towers above the lake and the village.






To the west of Derwentwater rise the fells of Cat Bells while to the east is the fantastic viewpoint of Friar's Crag, jutting into the lake. Its southern foot is the entrance to the beautiful Borrowdale valley.





Ullswater is the second largest lake in the Lake District and is surrounded by stunning mountain scenery to its south, softening to the gentle hills of the north.





Windermere is England's largest lake at over ten miles long. Windermere and the surrounding area is arguably the most famous and popular area in the whole of the Lake District.



Our school PE t-shirts can be bought in the four different colours representing the Houses. Children can earn House Points in a number of different ways. Throughout the week, teachers look out for who they think deserves to be the 'Star Award' winner for that week. The Award can be given for such things as a good piece of work, contribution in class, being kind and helpful to others or indeed any achievement which deserves recognition. The Star Award is announced each week in Celebration Assembly. The winners also earn points for their House. Children can also earn points by excelling in the following areas:

Brilliant Behaviour - behaving in a well-mannered, polite and courteous way and obeying the school rules 

Good Samaritan - being kind and helpful to others

Super Learner - showing a good attitude towards learning

These points are gathered weekly and the leading House is announced in Celebration Assembly. At the end of each term, the House with the most points is presented with the House trophy. House competitions are held throughout the year and children take part in Sports Day in their Houses to earn points to contribute to the final House scores. 

Each House has a House and Vice Captain chosen from our Year 6 Class and staff are also allocated in Houses to support the children. The House and Vice Captains for the academic year 2023/24 are:


Coniston            House Captain -  Grace Seddon                       Vice Captain -  Joshua Pope Moore

Derwent            House Captain -  Carter Kacperski                    Vice Captain -  Darcie McGuire

Ullswater           House Captain -  Harriet McLellan                    Vice Captain -  Grace Bailey 

Windermere       House Captain - Summer Openshaw                  Vice Captain - Holly Crossley

We have also introduced our 'Mountaineers Club', which is a new idea introduced in the academic year 2022/2023. This club recognises those children who have tried their best all week, been a good friend and persevered in their work. The club takes place each Friday afternoon when a child from each class is chosen to have a drink and biscuit with Mr Puckey and spend some time sharing their week with each other. 

Following the revision of our school vision, values and aims with all stakeholders, we decided we wanted to celebrate how our Christian values are lived out across school. With this in mind, in Autumn 2023, we introduced our 'Christian Values Award.' This is a half termly certificate given to one child in each class. Each half term, children are chosen for demonstrating the term's core Christian value (Love, Hope, Faith, Trust, Resilience, Respect, Justice) with the certificate presented during the Celebration Collective Worship on the last Friday afternoon of that half term. The reasons why children have been chosen are shared with the whole school to celebrate and highlight these reasons. As a result of this, children clearly and fully understand how our Christian values are (or could be) lived out across the St Stephen's family and its wider community.

Christian Values Award

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