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15 June 2022

Posting Our Letters To Our Families

Being inspired from our Post Man visit, we decided to write our own letters. We chose who we wanted to address our letters to and then thought of something we really wanted to tell them. We then used our Phonics knowledge to segment words and write the graphemes down.  We popped th...

14 June 2022

Postman Visit

Our new topic is People Who Help Us. This week we had a Postman come to visit who helped answer all our questions about mailing parcels, how letters go to different countries and what happens if you forget to put a stamp on your letter after you put it in the post box. We then used this as ...

28 May 2022


Today our butterflies hatched out of their cocoons and began flying. We have looked after our caterpillars for the last 3 weeks, watching them eat and grow. We watched them spin themselves into a cocoons to begin the chrysalis stage of their life cycle. We have learnt about their...

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