The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Campaign for School Gardening has four aims and objectives:

  • To encourage all schools to get growing and to acknowledge the right of every child to get involved in gardening.

  • To demonstrate the value of gardening in enriching the curriculum, teaching life skills and contributing to children’s mental and physical health.

  • To convince everyone involved with education in schools of the value of gardening in developing active citizens and carers for the environment.

  • To show how gardening can contribute to a sustainable environment.

The overarching aim is to raise the profile of gardens as a natural, sustainable resource which has the capacity to offer curricular, social and emotional benefits to pupils. In addition, the school will receive a School Gardening Award and resources to improve the school grounds.

The Campaign is divided into five levels:

  • LEVEL 1 is about starting out on our school's gardening journey and getting growing

  • LEVEL 2 is gardening to support well-being, using pupil's ideas to steer our plans and developing new growing skills

  • LEVEL 3 is about planet-friendly gardening, growing a range of plants and keeping our plants healthy

  • LEVEL 4 focuses on linking gardening to the curriculum, gardening to support wildlife and sharing our plants or seeds

  • LEVEL 5 is about gardening with our community, gardening through the seasons and planning for the future

We have worked very hard over the last two years and have achieved Level 5 with the hard work of our Gardening Club. Well done Team.