Hi Year 1 Gang!!!

Summer Emoticons Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | ShutterstockHello Everyone!!!!!

Well it’s the last week of the school year!!!! How bonkers has this year been?

The last week of any school year is usually filled with fun things to do and play outside and I think this year should be the same!!!

In the Year 1 bubble in school we are doing a bit of…

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What time is it Year 1?

This week in Maths we are looking at telling the time!!!!!!
Now I know you are all good at o'clock and maybe half past, quarter past and quarter to as well so I have put LOTS of games on Bug Club for you to have a try!!!!!! 
I'm sorry it's all online but if you struggling to get access to a…

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Pets, pets, pets!!!!

5 ways you didn't know your pet was keeping you healthy | MDLinxPets, pets, pets, pets!!!!!





­You all know about my new pet now but I’d really love to know about yours!!

-Do you have a pet?

What is it called? What does it eat? Is it a good pet?

-What would your ideal pet be?

Not everyone can have a pet so what pet would you…

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Pizza Madness!!!!!!!

Best Homemade Pizza - How to Make Homemade PizzaBest Homemade Pizza - How to Make Homemade PizzaBest Homemade Pizza - How to Make Homemade PizzaBest Homemade Pizza - How to Make Homemade Pizza                             Pizza, pizza, pizza!!!!!!!!

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Name that flag..........

What is the history of the Greek flag? - QuoraFlag of Spain with the "correct" Coat of Arms : vexillology     Name the Countries!!!!!!





Can you…….

Find out which country each flag comes from?

Write 3 facts about each country?

Maybe research about the flags of other countries?


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It's a cracker.......!!!!!!!

See the source image                                                         


Do you know any good jokes to make your friends laugh?


I want to make a Year 1 joke book to get us all giggling!!!!!

Can you collect your favourite jokes….only 1 or 2 and it doesn’t matter how crummy they are!!!!!

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Can you ..........?

the fast + easy hack to tie your shoes (With images) | Tie shoes ...Can you tie your shoelaces?


It is a tricky thing to do!!!

Why not give Miss Stokes and Mrs Robinson a lovely surprise in Year 2 and have a go at learning how to do it before September!


There are lots of good instructions on YouTube showing you how to do it! Mr Tumble has a very…

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Working hard year 1!!!

You all know I'm a fan of BBC Bitesize!! Well this is also a fab resource that we are recommending as it gives you lots of daily activities!

So everyday there is something to keep you busy!!! 

So now you have Oak Academy, BBC Bitesize, White Rose Maths , Bug Club, Studyladder, learning packs…

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This week in Year 1........

Be Prepared to Teach Thinkers - Child Evangelism FellowshipWhat are you good at?

Can you do something that is tricky?

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Sidney the Spider


Use the link below and listen to the story of Sidney the Spider!





( I have had all sorts of technical problems with the original recording of this so this is the alternative!!!! This story is  read by a teacher from another…

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Making a bee friendly space!

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Be a Bee!!

Cute Bee Character Wall Mural • Pixers® • We live to change

Bees are amazing!!!!!


What bee facts can you find?

They  are such important creatures in our world!!!

They travel huge distances calling in to different flowers and plants to collect pollen on their sticky legs!!

Why not-

    Make a bee bag and be a bee!!? Take a small…

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