Happy Half Term!

Well today is the last day of summer term 1!!! And what a strange half term it has been!
But we made it!!!

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Eid Mubarak!

It's going to be extra exciting for some of our friends this weekend!!
All over the world Muslims are getting ready to celebrate Eid!

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What a Lot of Rubbish!!!!

Want a creative activity for a rainy day?
Yesterday at Key Worker school we made clothes out of a big pile of rubbish!!!!
The children made everything from hats, earrings, trousers, dresses, necklaces, shoes and even a tail out of my old rubbish!!!
So if you fancy getting creative with a crisp…

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BBC Bitesize always worth a look!!

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Brain Exercises for Year 1 Maths Professors!!!

Do you feel like giving your brain a real workout? Then why not tackle a Sudoku!!!!

This Sudoku game for children is easy and only has 4 numbers. 
-You need to fill in the numbers 1 to 4.
-The numbers must be different in each column and row. 
-For example you can't have the number 2 on the…

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A good day for some pop art!!!

Do you remember our special Year 1 artist?

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More Naughty Elf Activities!!!!!


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Hey there Year 1!!!!!

Why not take a look at this story! (You can read or listen to it!

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Year 1 Maths Superstars This Week!

Year 1 have been raiding the kitchen cupboards this week to make a special numberline!!!!

They have looked at the weights on the sides of the packets and have put them in order from lightest to heaviest!! 

It was a bit tricky because some of those numbers were very big!!!

Some children…

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This Week's Year 1 Tricky Challenge

The second challenge is a bit fiddly but lots of fun when you getthe hang of it!!!!!! (You may need a grown up to help

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This week's Year 1 Challenge #1

Good Morning Year 1!!!
This week I have 2 maths challenges for you!!!

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This week we are thinking about............

Hello Everyone!!!

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