Let's brighten up our community in the coming months...

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Translate and reflect

Remember that this week we are accessing lessons on translation using the online platform on the link below. There are 10 lessons in total to work through. See how you get on. 


Good luck

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White Rose Maths

Here is a link to the Maths scheme we follow in school.


There are videos, activities and worksheets for each day...

Hope you enjoy.

Stay safe! 

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BBC Bitesize always worth a look!!

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Brain Exercises for Year 1 Maths Professors!!!

Do you feel like giving your brain a real workout? Then why not tackle a Sudoku!!!!

This Sudoku game for children is easy and only has 4 numbers. 
-You need to fill in the numbers 1 to 4.
-The numbers must be different in each column and row. 
-For example you can't have the number 2 on the…

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A good day for some pop art!!!

Do you remember our special Year 1 artist?

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Stone Age Boy

The Stone Age Boy is a fabulous book to read.  This link will take you to a reading of the book on youtube.  If the link doesn't work, just type the name of the book in youtube.

When you have listened to it, I would like you to hotseat the main characters.  This means that you will need to…

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How are you going to be kind today?

A few weeks ago my son and I found a painted rock that someone had thrown into the brook! We fished it out, put it on the bank and patted it dry.  You can see it in the photograph above. Today we are going to touch up the paint, seal with varnish (this is a job for the grown-ups) and then rehide it for someone else to marvel at.

Painted rocks are a very good way at spreading kindness and some much needed cheer.  Why don't you decorate some rocks for your garden or, maybe,  for one of your relatives who you haven't been able to see for a while.  I am sure that it will put a smile on their face.