Image of Our Bug Ball
20 May 2022

Our Bug Ball

To conclude our Minibeast topic we hosted a Bug Ball.
Writing invitations to all of our class friends and dressing up as our favourite insect. 

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Image of Tadpoles
2 May 2022


During our Minibeast topic we looked after our tadpoles.

We learnt about their life cycle, what they eat, varieties of species and their habitat. 
We watched them grow from tadpoles into froglets and then into frogs.
We kept a tadpole diary to record the changes we observed as they…

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Image of Bug Hotel Building
28 April 2022

Bug Hotel Building

This week Reception built a bug hotel with the help of Mr Williams. 
We used recycled natural materials, insect food, seeds, flowers and old shoes to create a cosy place for any bug to stay.
This was our language enhancement during our Minibeast topic.

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Image of Creepy Crawly Roadshow
22 April 2022

Creepy Crawly Roadshow

Today Reception were visited by the Creepy Crawly Roadshow to introduce our new topic Minibeasts.
We met lots of different insects and found out some amazing facts!

We were all very brave as we got to touch, stroke and wear some of them.
Prince and Princess the Pythons were very wriggly!

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Image of Oh No, The Evil Pea is missing!
9 March 2022

Oh No, The Evil Pea is missing!

Through our topic Superheroes, we have been reading the Supertato stories.
We read all about the Evil Pea's menacing acts and decided to take action and find him!
We searched high and low on the shop shelves until we found him hiding in the mushrooms, biscuits and in the freezer.

We visited…

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Image of World Book Day
4 March 2022

World Book Day

In Reception we love to read. 
We decided to enjoy World Book Day by taking our favourite books down to forest school.
We made a cosy campfire and shared our story books with our friends.

We even played a game of 'Guess the picture book' when we got back to class.

We also created a book…

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Image of Shrove Tuesday
1 March 2022

Shrove Tuesday

Through our Wiggle Worship sessions we focussed on Shrove Tuesday and Lent.

We mixed our pancake batter and then selected a delicious topping.
We talked about what we could 'give up' for Lent and also something that we could do more of e.g. showing kindness.

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Image of Chinese New Year
1 February 2022

Chinese New Year

This week in Reception we celebrated Chinese New Year: Year of the Tiger

Every day we celebrated in a different way:

- We tried cultured food, noodles, fried rice and fortune cookies.
- We danced in a lion costume, just like they do in the parades.
- We listened to Chinese music and…

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Image of RSPB Bird Watch - Forest School
28 January 2022

RSPB Bird Watch - Forest School

Reception took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch during our forest school session today.

First we mixed mud with paint and rolled out some paper.
We then climbed up high and waited very quietly until we saw some birds.
We then used our brushes to paint the birds we saw.

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Image of Our Nativity
17 December 2021

Our Nativity

Our Nativity: The Little Blue Star

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Image of Beauty and The Beast Pantomime
8 December 2021

Beauty and The Beast Pantomime

This week we visited the Bolton Albert Halls to watch Beauty & The Beast.

We travelled on the bus from Kearsley all the way to Bolton interchange.
Our little legs then marched towards Albert Halls, with a spring in our step excited for the pantomime ahead.

We took our seats and the show…

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Image of Children In Need Day
19 November 2021

Children In Need Day

On Friday we raised money to help children all over the country for Children In Need.
We participated in some Pudsey Bear activities and wore some fantastic Pudsey bear ears, tops, jumpers and even hair accessories. All money raised by us at St Stephen's goes towards supporting special projects…

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