Very, very well done!!! We are VERY PROUD of you!!! 

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Junior Masterchef

The children in Year Five have been invited to take part in a competition called Junior Masterchef  which has been organised by Kearsley Academy.

Only two children can be put forward to the next round.  Here we are tasting the children's entries before voting for our favourites.


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Irreversible Change

Here we are investigating an irreversible change that involved a balloon, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.  Why don't you ask me about it?

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Science Investigation

Here we are, as part of our Properties and Changes of Materials learning in science, investigating the best way to clean water.

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Making Compasses

This was a very exciting lesson! As part of our Design Technology project, we have been looking at different inventions and today, we looked at compasses.

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Sale Sharks - again!

Not only were we lucky enough to visit the Sale Sharks training ground but, did you know that they will be visiting us for the next few weeks?  We will be developing our tag rugby skills and looking at the importance of looking after our mental health.

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Sale Sharks

WOW!! Today HAS been exciting for the children in Year Five.  We, along with Year Six, went to Sale Sharks training ground for the day.  Here, we were coached by the players, played tag rugby with other schools and met professional players.  Great fun was had by all!

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Here we are building our kites.

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Project Chameleon

Here in Year Five we have begun a ten week programme called Project Chameleon which is run by Global Policing.  It is a PSHE based programme which focuses, each week,  on a different area of crime with the pivotal aim of helping us to make wise decisions.

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Investigating different materials

In Design Technology we will be designing and making a kite.  Before we can do this, we need to find out which material is the most appropriate.  Here we are testing the durability of a range of different materials.

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Big Book Festival

Here we are taking part in a live lesson by The Big Book Festival as part of World Book Week! 

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Music Friday ...

... is a lovely way to end the week!

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