World Book Day Fun!!!

We have been so busy!!!

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Year 3 take a step back in time!!

Year 3 had lots of fun visiting Salford Museum and Art Gallery! The children enjoyed being history detectives and discovering what a selection of mystery Victorian objects were used for!

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Woodland Snacktime!

Red and green groups had a fab time in the woods! After lots of climbing, swinging, digging and exploring they enjoyed a fruity treat in the Autumn sunshine!

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Bonfire Fun!

Reception had lots of fun enjoying a cup of hot vimto and a piece of parkin around a little bonfire!!

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Leaf kebab anyone...?

Today the children kicked,crunched and threw all the lovely colourful leaves. They then made a leaf kebab with some  of their favourite leaves. It was quite tricky to not tear the delicate leaves when threading them onto a stick....but they did it!!

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Guess what we've been up to...!!!!!

It was blue and yellow groups turn to go in the eco garden for Forest School today and it was very muddy indeed!!!!!! Lots of fun and all the boys and girls can't wait to go in our woodland area for even muddier Fun after half term!!!!!

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Off we go Forest School!!!!!

Red and green groups had lots of soggy fun on Friday in the eco garden for the first Forest School session of the new school year!!!!! 

The children caught raindrops on their tongues, played hide and seek, met some slithery new friends and had lots of silly fun in the fresh air!! 

Well done…

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Hi Year 1 Gang!!!

Summer Emoticons Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | ShutterstockHello Everyone!!!!!

Well it’s the last week of the school year!!!! How bonkers has this year been?

The last week of any school year is usually filled with fun things to do and play outside and I think this year should be the same!!!

In the Year 1 bubble in school we are doing a bit of…

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What time is it Year 1?

This week in Maths we are looking at telling the time!!!!!!
Now I know you are all good at o'clock and maybe half past, quarter past and quarter to as well so I have put LOTS of games on Bug Club for you to have a try!!!!!! 
I'm sorry it's all online but if you struggling to get access to a…

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Pets, pets, pets!!!!

5 ways you didn't know your pet was keeping you healthy | MDLinxPets, pets, pets, pets!!!!!





­You all know about my new pet now but I’d really love to know about yours!!

-Do you have a pet?

What is it called? What does it eat? Is it a good pet?

-What would your ideal pet be?

Not everyone can have a pet so what pet would you…

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Pizza Madness!!!!!!!

Best Homemade Pizza - How to Make Homemade PizzaBest Homemade Pizza - How to Make Homemade PizzaBest Homemade Pizza - How to Make Homemade PizzaBest Homemade Pizza - How to Make Homemade Pizza                             Pizza, pizza, pizza!!!!!!!!

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Name that flag..........

What is the history of the Greek flag? - QuoraFlag of Spain with the "correct" Coat of Arms : vexillology     Name the Countries!!!!!!





Can you…….

Find out which country each flag comes from?

Write 3 facts about each country?

Maybe research about the flags of other countries?


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