Solar Eclipse

A great end to 'British Science Week' has seen us witness the solar eclipse (from behind a lot of cloud) - the temperature dropped and it appeared to be much darker! 

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British Science Week

As part of 'British Science Week' we have been carrying out lots of fun experiments - some tricking our brains; others just messy!!!

Ask Year 6 all about them... 

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Flash Bang Science Bus Part 2

The second group are now extracting DNA from kiwi fruits. 

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Flash Bang Science Bus

Half of Year 6 are learning about DNA on the 'Flash Bang Science Bus'... 

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Crazy Caterpillars

Year 6 have been looking at adaptation in 'British Science Week'. We pretended to be birds hunting caterpillars... 

Which were easiest to find and why? (Ask a Year 6) 

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Strutting Our Stuff...

Dancing with the P.E. Specialist from Kearsley Academy. 

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Greek Theatre

We are now using our acting skills to perform the Greek Myth - 'Odysseus and the Cyclops'. 

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The Parthenon

Our finished replica. We had great fun making it and used lots of different skills and team work! 

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Building the Parthenon

We are having fun working in groups to build our replica of the Greek Parthenon! 

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Ancient Greek Workshop

Mr North has arrived and we are listening to a talk on Greek legacies... 

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Making 3D Shapes

Mr Townsend's Maths group have been making open 3D shapes using nets. 

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Reception Buddies

This afternoon Reception Buddies group B have been working on the iPads. 

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