Year 1 became fungus professors this Autumn!!!

We just couldn't believe how many varieties we found and they all looked so different. Mr Williams used a fabulous App called 'Seek' to help us identify the different fungi and we learned about how to encourage even more varieties to grow in our woodlands.  

As well as being fungus experts. we also wanted to find out which trees all the leaves had fallen from. Did you know we have oak, beech, horse chestnut and rowan trees in our little woods?

As well as all the usual activities.......swinging, climbing, den making, digging.....we also enjoyed a camp cook out and made delicious American pancakes. They were sooo yummy and fun to flip!!

Even Cyril the Squirrel had fun with Year 1 as he was gifted a lovely new squirrel sized picnic bench to eat his peanuts from. We had to think of the best place to put it and then we kept an eye out for Cyril.

Why not take a look at what we got up to......