A great introduction to mental health through an assembly focusing on famous people with mental health issues from pop stars, scientists, footballers, musicians, world leaders, olympians, composers, authors, television personalities and people closer to home. A fabulous mindfulness and meditation session with Mrs Goodwin, a resilience and growth mindset 3D model challenge followed by a U.K. Live BBC lesson focussing on growth mindset and mindfulness that explored techniques and triggers with the children. Some children in Year 5 have been attending their final mindfulness training session after a focused six week block of sessions. The day is complete with information being sent home offering further information and support about mental health. We are very lucky in our school to have a learning mentor who is mental health first aid trained alongside staff who have recently attended mental health training. We are here for everyone. We've asked the children if tonight during tea if they could switch of the tv and just talk to their family about whatever is on their mind.