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We also have our own Learning Wall - see link below. We use the resources on the Wall to research our topics and curriculum work in school. Please use these resources at home to further develop your child's learning.

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We will release more information about end of Year 2 assessments as soon as we have all of the details.



Living Things & Their Habitats, Animals Including Humans

As part of our Science work we will be learning all about how some things are living, some are dead and how some have never been alive.  We will then progress on to finding out about how we know things are alive and what all living things need to be able to do.  Hopefully, 'Mrs Gren' will help us to remember the seven life processes.  

We will also be learning about how animals, including humans grow throughout their lives and look after their young.  

We will finish our Science learning by participating in a Creepy Crawly Science workshop in school in April.


A Contrasting Locality - Zambia

We will be working on comparing where we live with a village in Zambia called Mugurameno. 

We will be learning about their culture and lifestyle and how they use their local area to help them survive.





Our Class Novel



This half term we will be reading 'George's Marvellous Medicine' by Roald Dahl.






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Communication via Class Dojo


Please ensure that if your child is a member of Year 2 that you have joined us on Class Dojo where I will keep you up to date with our latest adventures, send reminders and share key information throughout the year. You will also be able to contact me via this platform if required also.



Our Chosen Reading Scheme


Over the years, Oxford Reading Tree has taught millions of children to read... and to love to read. Rooted in reading for pleasure and with systematic phonics at its heart, its well-loved characters, breadth and unrivalled support give children everything they need to become confident readers. There are over 800 books which provide a rich and varied choice of writing styles, genres and artwork styles at every level.



Our Chosen Phonics Scheme



PhonicsPlay is a highly-organised, systematic and yet flexible synthetic phonics programme especially designed for all ages and needs and suitable for anyone who wants to learn to read and spell. 







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