Year 1


Welcome to Year 1

Our teacher in Year 1 is Miss Stokes.  Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Broadbent.  We do lots of fun, exciting things in Year 1 which incorporate all aspects of the curriculum.  Please look on our blog to see what we have been doing.

Year 1 Blog

We also have our own Learning Wall - see link below. We use the resources on the Wall to research our topics and curriculum work in school. Please use these resources at home to further develop your child's learning.

Year 1 Learning Wall 

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Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Timetable

Over the first couple of weeks we will be very busy learning our new daily routines.  This will include daily Maths, English and Phonics sessions along with Topic, Computing and PE throughout the week.   

Year 1 Topics

Year 1 Yearly Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Maths Overview

Our Cursive Alphabet

End of Year Expectations

Topic Challenges

Our Topic Challenge for this half term is 'Where We Live'. 

We will be learning all about where we live and what it is like now compared to what it was like in the past.  As part of this topic we will be looking at the scarecrows we see during Kearsley's Scarecrow Festival and maybe even making or own scarecrow.  This will link with our English work on 'Tattybogle'.  Once we are familiar with the area we live in and the buildings you can find, we will be looking at other types of buildings and their uses.  This will include castles and stories based on them.


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Our Chosen Reading Scheme

Over the years, Oxford Reading Tree has taught millions of children to read... and to love to read. Rooted in reading for pleasure and with systematic phonics at its heart, its well-loved characters, breadth and unrivalled support give children everything they need to become confident readers. There are over 800 books which provide a rich and varied choice of writing styles, genres and artwork styles at every level.



Our Chosen Phonics Scheme


Phonics International is a highly-organised, systematic and yet flexible synthetic phonics programme especially designed for all ages and needs and suitable for anyone who wants to learn to read and spell. 


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